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Here we intend to rant. We will rant about how totally unnecessary x-rays cost medicare a fortune each year, money better spent replacing your Auntie’s hip. We will rant about how to use anti-inflammatories WELL! (Ask a pharmacist) and about why it matters who owns the clinic you employ. We may well rant about the limitations of evidence based medicine, the way informed consents done too hurriedly can scare people off procedures they would benefit from, and the way people say, “I should have done this years ago” after good surgery. We will rant about massage, myotherapy and places in shopping centres. Salt, sugar, fat and fasting might get a go too.

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A woman, taking care of a person, head inclined, listening, her hand to their spine. "Chiropractic" is taken from the Greek "chiros" (hand) and "praktikos" (done by).  Spines are a huge part of our work.

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We will never ask you to rate our services online. Our registration board is very clear that soliciting reviews is unethical. Everyone has 5/5 ratings, so it is meaningless. Sites such as Whitecoat take down negative reviews anyway. Whitecoat etc. may solicit reviews if you have Maps running, or location enabled on Facebook when you […]

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