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South Morang Chiropractic Clinic

Established 1988.


Just hurt yourself? Please see our First Aid page.


Our motto: FIND IT: Get the diagnosis right.

                     FIX IT: In as few visits as possible.

                     SEND IT AWAY: If you need someone else’s knowledge, we will refer you on.

We use a wide range of tools including traction, shock wave, dry needles, trigger point therapy and manipulation. We are happy to work with your GP and specialists, and provide “grease and oil change” work for problems that cannot completely repair, like arthritis.

We are:  Liz Baker, here since 1988, and Ashlynn Beattie, since 2015.

Our job is  to keep your body from interfering with your life, getting you comfortable quickly and cost effectively. We also search for the things that keep your problem coming back, give you methods to avoid needing us in future. (Not that we don’t enjoy your company!)

What does professionalism mean to us?

It means the patient is respected. It means the patient is vastly more important than the money. It means ethics are paramount. It means not keeping a patient coming in when we are not changing their pain.

It means keeping our knowledge current. It means writing the tough medico-legal reports with care, and attention to detail. It means referring the patient on as soon as we see the need.

It means communicating with other health professionals no matter what their attitude is to chiropractors, in the hope that if we are sufficiently professional, we can lift that attitude.

Our Services

We are not frightened by pain drawings like this. Saddened, energised, but not frightened or overwhelmed. We have TIME to hear the whole story and be thorough.
Our tools include traction machines, dry needling, microcurrent neurostimulator, extra corporeal shock wave therapy, manipulation, soft tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, and taping. Of course nothing is compulsory.

New to Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a physical therapy profession. Our work is in treating problems of the muscles, joints, and affected nerves. 5 years of universtity study are needed to qualify as a chiropractor. We have been a registered profession in Victoria since 1978. Like all registered professions, we carry professional indemnity insurance.

First Aid

USE ICE! Please see our First Aid page, but in most cases the key concept that will save you pain and healing time is USE ICE!


Our Logo

A woman, taking care of a person, head inclined, listening, her hand to their spine. "Chiropractic" is taken from the Greek "chiros" (hand) and "praktikos" (done by).  Spines are a huge part of our work.

The Car Seat.

The Car Seat: We review the car seat of all new patients who drive. Many of us spend over an hour a day driving. The body position can cause fatigue. Ideal position involves considering the seat back and pad tilt, steering wheel height, reach to pedal, chest-wheel distance etc. Let us explain… Your Seat Back […]

No Clicks, No Reviews, No Testimonials

We will never ask you to rate our services online. Our registration board is very clear that soliciting reviews is unethical. Everyone has 5/5 ratings, so it is meaningless. Sites such as Whitecoat take down negative reviews anyway. Whitecoat etc. may solicit reviews if you have Maps running, or location enabled on Facebook when you […]

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