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We will never ask you to rate our services online. Our registration board is very clear that soliciting reviews is unethical. Everyone has 5/5 ratings, so it is meaningless. Sites such as Whitecoat take down negative reviews anyway. Whitecoat etc. may solicit reviews if you have Maps running, or location enabled on Facebook when you attend a clinic. If they find that you have been to our address, they send a review request. Ridiculous! You decide about our service the last time you leave our clinic, not the first.

Why is this unethical?

Reviews are seen as a type of testimonial. Our Registration Board does not permit them, as no single case is identical to another.  This is strongly emphasised to every undergraduate and registered person. Every practitioner has their miracles and their people who travel long distances to see them. No one publicises the case they couldn’t help.



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