South Morang Chiropractic Clinic
Longest established chiropractic clinic in South Morang, serving the community since 1988.

Liz Baker established South Morang Chiropractic Clinic in 1988. Ashlynn Beattie joined the clinic in 2015.
We consider it our job to keep your body from interfering in your life by the most time effective and cost effective means.

We are a patient centered, symptom based clinic. See us when you have a problem and leave us when it is fixed!

What does professionalism mean to us?

It means the patient is respected. It means the patient is vastly more important than the money. It means ethics are paramount. It means not keeping a patient coming in when we are not changing their pain.

It means keeping our knowledge current. It means writing the tough medico-legal reports with care and attention to detail. It means referring the patient on as soon as we see the need.

It means communicating with other health professionals no matter what their attitude is to chiropractors, in the hope that if we are sufficiently professional, we can lift that attitude.