How to Avoid Needing Us

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We are happy to treat you, but we want you not to mess up our work once you go home. So, here are some “perpetuating factors” you have control over. We are likely to be long winded because we reckon you don’t just tell people what to do, but tell them why.

Our Logo

  A woman, taking care of a person, head inclined, listening, her hand to their spine. “Chiropractic” is taken from the Greek “chiros” (hand) and “praktikos” (done by).  Spines are a huge part of our work.

The Car Seat.

The Car Seat: We review the car seat of all new patients who drive. Many of us spend over an hour a day driving. The body position can cause fatigue. Ideal position involves considering the seat back and pad tilt, steering wheel height, reach to pedal, chest-wheel distance etc. Let us explain… Your Seat Back […]

No Clicks, No Reviews, No Testimonials

We will never ask you to rate our services online. Our registration board is very clear that soliciting reviews is unethical. Everyone has 5/5 ratings, so it is meaningless. Sites such as Whitecoat take down negative reviews anyway. Whitecoat etc. may solicit reviews if you have Maps running, or location enabled on Facebook when you […]

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